Driver 2

May 13, 2022

Driver 2

If you’re up for a challenge and enjoy racing games even a little, then you’ll find that Driver 2 is an extraordinary game.

Driver 2 Widescreen Walkthrough

Driver 2 Widescreen Walkthrough. Partial no damage. Widescreen hack. All missions. Loading screens are edited out. First campaign cutscenes and Vegas intro are edited out. Two missions have CPU overclock (framerate boost).

0:00:00 Intro
0:03:09 Surveillance tip off
0:05:32 Chase the witness
0:07:03 Train pursuit
0:11:36 Tailing the drop
0:14:38 Escape to the safe house
0:19:51 Chase the intruder
0:23:14 Caine’s compound
0:26:04 Leaving Chicago
0:32:16 Follow up the lead
0:36:48 Hijack the truck
0:39:13 Stop the truck
0:42:47 Find the clue
0:50:07 Escape to ferry
0:51:17 To the docks
0:55:54 Back to Jones
0:57:55 Tail Jericho
1:01:04 Pursue Jericho
1:02:23 Escape the Brazilians
1:06:56 Casino Getaway
1:10:10 Beat the train
1:11:00 Car bomb
1:15:30 Car bomb getaway
1:18:09 Bank job
1:23:47 Steal the ambulance
1:28:30 Stake Out
1:34:13 Steal the keys
1:37:16 C4 deal
1:40:48 Destroy the yard
1:46:22 Bus Crush
1:54:09 Steal the cop car
2:00:35 Caine’s cash
2:05:23 Save Jones
2:08:27 Boat jump
2:11:51 Jones in trouble
2:15:24 Chase the Gun Man
2:16:54 Lenny escaping
2:22:48 Lenny gets caught
2:25:44 Lenny gets caught Replay
2:28:02 Ending
2:32:25 Links

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Captured at 2560x1440p x32CSAA 12-30fps.

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Evolution of DRIVER Games 1999-2015

Includes Gameplay From ALL Driver Video Games
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All the gameplay recordings, thumbnails, and video editing are made by me (Game Evolutions) with added commentary for each game.

�� All DRIVER Games in the Evolution:
0:00 Driver: You Are the Wheelman (1999) – PlayStation 1
0:37 Driver (2000) – Game Boy Color
1:05 Driver 2: Back on the Streets (2000) – PlayStation 1
1:43 Driver 2 Advance (2002) – Game Boy Advance
2:15 Driver 3 (2004) – PlayStation 2, Xbox & PC
3:25 Driver 3 (2005) – Game Boy Advance
3:57 Driver: Parallel Lines (2006) – PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC & Wii
4:52 Driver: Vegas (2006) – Mobile
5:06 Driver L.A. Undercover (2007) – Mobile
5:33 Driver 76 (2007) – PlayStation Portable
6:16 Driver: Renegade 3D (2011) – 3DS
6:48 Driver: San Francisco (2011) – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii & PC
7:57 Driver: Speedboat Paradise (2015) – iOS & Android

The game footage from every DRIVER game is focused on car driving gameplay, free-roaming, racing, fighting .etc

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Looking back at the history of video games makes us all very nostalgic. In the retro days, video games were a very pixelated and flat medium, evolving to an incredibly cinematic and immersive experience today. We at Game Evolutions have a great passion for video games of many different genres, that is how Game Evolutions came to life. All our popular “Evolution of…” video shows the huge progress video games have undergone and the industry is growing year by year. A video from us takes 15+ hours to produce. We put significant time into researching, looking in the archives, recording, and finally editing. Our goal is to give you as high-quality content as possible as consistently as possible.

Driver 2 All Missions% Speedrun in 1:17:42 (World Record) (REDRIVER 2)

Well there you go, nearly 8 months after my previous 1:18:39 I’ve finally managed to get a new best time for the category! It was a long time coming and for some decent stretch I didn’t actually believe I could actually get enough consistency to reach 1:17:XX. But in the lasts weeks, I’ve gotten many runs that died really late in the game and that also had a lot of time in bank so I’ve gained a new urge to go for it and get it done for good. Now for the usual commentary on each part.

Pretty good! The main time lost is from not getting a quick pattern in Chase The Intruder, I got the same one as the previous run. Just that can save another 15 seconds almost. Apart for that, there’s a couple seconds here and there from slight driving errors.

Also quite good! Find the Clue being the main issue once more, just like my WR I lost a decent chunk of time, an optimal Find the Clue can be done at least 40 seconds quicker. Apart for that, mostly some driving mistake here and there and a reset in Stop the Truck for a better pattern.

Las Vegas:
Now that one is nearly perfect! There’s some slight driving error but overall it was extremely quick, Steal the Keys was really fast. Main issue left in that one was Stake Out, and again it’s mostly a luck deal. Still managed to save it with a really lucky finish!

Rio de Janeiro:
Finally the last city of the game and that one was also absurdly quick. Main blemish is the driving in Steal The Cop Car and 4 resets to get a good pattern in Chase the Gunman. Everything else is just as good as I’d like it to be. I was extremely nervous (as I say multiple times in the video) in the final 3 missions since the night before I lost another run right near the end of the final game (as you can see here: So I was really hoping this wasn’t a repeat of that and that I actually had a win at last.

And so, I’ve managed once more to lower the time for the game to levels I again honestly didn’t think was possible. Can it go lower? Yes, there’s still some room for improvement with the current strats, but safe to say the margin of error versus a perfect run is getting REALLY thin and also much more dependent on RNG. Granted it feels I’ve said a similar thing the previous time but this run has no fails, nearly all the strats were executed as intended and the driving was near perfect for most of it. So it becomes more and more difficult to pull it off. I could see myself getting a new PB, I don’t see myself getting a 1:16:XX though, at least not anytime soon because saving another 42 secs means matching this really great run AND also perfecting Find the Clue AND finally getting perfect RNG in Chase the Gunman and Chicago. Again, it’s possible, you just need to prepare for one hell of a grind.

So will I try it? Maybe! But I won’t go for it right away that’s for sure and for now I don’t think I’m in the mood for that grind. But maybe eventually it’ll be reached, either by me or even someone else, who knows! In the meantime, I’m either trying other categories or doing all the mods coming out for the game, both for this version and for OpenDriver2 that’s progressing really well! Maybe even some Driver Syndicate wackiness! Stay tuned for more!

For those curious, this was run on ReDriver 2, a fan made PC port of the PS1 game that allows the game to run at a smooth framerate, better resolution, better draw distance and some features like the “skip cutscene” option etc. Basically the only way people should play this game nowadays, removing the lag allows you to experience the game as it was likely envisioned by the developers. And lastly, this was also streamed live at, if you ever wanted to see me play this live.

Thanks for reading!

Driver 2 [FR] Film Complet

Comme le premier Driver, j’ai laissé les missions vu que l’histoire est très courte.

Soutenez ma chaîne avec une petite pub sur UTIP sa serait d’une grande aide merci.