Elite Dangerous Odyssey Delayed Indefinitely On Consoles Because Of Ongoing PC Issues

April 12, 2022

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Delayed Indefinitely On Consoles Because Of Ongoing PC Issues

Creator Frontier Developments is "aware and fully accepts the frustration" players feel surrounding Elite Dangerous: Odyssey on PC.

Does Elite Dangerous have a future?

tried to do as much research as I could to figure out what Fdev will do with ED now that Odyssey on consoles has been cancelled.

link to financial report – https://frontier-drupal.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/production/frontier-corp/s3fs-public/press-releases/financial/Annual-Report-and-Accounts-2021.pdf

Can We Please Get More Information on Elite Dangerous Odyssey Fdev? The Extended Pre Live Stream Cut

Can we the community please get more information on Elite Dangerous Odyssey Fdev? This is the May 4th pre Elite Dangerous live stream the extended cut.

This has been an ongoing issue with Fed for quite some time for its community of Commanders. Please Sir… Can I have some more information?

May the 4th be with you marks a big day for the future of Elite Dangerous! Will the Devs and Cms finally come clean about our beloved games future?

Personally at this point. I’m just not going to get my hopes up anymore. I remember the last time they announced they would be doing streams again and I let myself get excited. Maybe just maybe they would toss us their community a bone?? I worked late the night before. I got a power nap of 1-½ hours just so I could be there for the first stream. I was tired af but I was excited!

They had a really well made clip of some game footage “nothing new” put to some music which was nice. Basically that was the entire stream. Everything else was just filler with the CMs not even interacting with their live community.

Honestly I didn’t even make it the entire live stream and went back to bed. Completely bummed that this is what 2 hours of streams would be like in our future. No interaction, no information, nothing but some people trying to play a game that they sometimes appear not to know how to play.

Needless to say it was depressing week after week of no information on our future. No little sneak peeks into possible new content. No real concerns from the community being addressed. Eventually Commanders, I just stopped watching them. Then a few weeks later they announced there would be no more streams until further notice.

If there is one way to unite a community against something I don’t know a better way then by non communication. When something is going to shit or seems to be you would think any company would break their necks to try to salvage the situation right? Instead it seems Fdev keeps doubling down on non communication.

Right when the community whipped themselves into a fever pitch Fdev announced that the stream would start again on May 4th. Where they will discuss the future of Elite Dangerous in 2022 as well as the status of console transfers to PC.

Tomorrow like a lot of you I will be there for the stream. I am curious, I am hopeful but I refuse to let myself get excited again until I hear actual discussion on topics we care about as a community. I simply can’t handle watching a stream that doesn’t have value to me as a viewer. So let’s just hope that the stream will be filled with information we the community cares about.

I tell you what if I actually see them addressing concerns, interacting with their audience and giving us their community something to theory craft on would be nice. They don’t have to ruin any story or lore. They can use a lot of mystery by only showing a Thargoids toe nail touching the surface of some planet. They don’t even need to show the whole Thargoid. Maybe show a bunch of dead commanders laying all over the place. Then a hint of a new Thargoid ship flying away or a new human ship coming to investigate the carnage. Basically a little bit of information wrapped in suspense and intrigue can go a long way with me personally. I guarantee you can fill a 2 hour stream with a tiny 15 second clip described above.

So how do you feel about tomorrow’s stream with Fdev Commander? Are you excited, hopeful, or perhaps do you feel it’s too little too late after a year of promises about Elite Dangerous and Odyssey?

Let me know down in the comments below Commander. Peace

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Elite Dangerous Should I Transfer my Console Account to PC

The debate continues and with an announcement pending I am wondering if I should transfer my console account to pc or should I play both.

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Elite Dangerous – All Console Development CANCELLED!

Frontier today gave an information update for console Elite Dangerous development. Odyssey is no longer coming to consoles. Further, all development for Elite Dangerous on consoles has been cancelled. Frontier will continue to support the console edition, and issue critical updates. All content updates however, will not be happening.

The full forum message on Elite Dangerous development can be found here: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/console-update.600233/

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