Silent Hill 3 Review

October 5, 2021

Silent Hill 3 Review

Silent Hill 3 isn’t so much about gameplay as it is about creating a disturbing look and feel and immersing you in it, which is something it does very well.

Silent Hill: Top 3 Misconceptions (Spoiler Free)

Ever since my first time finishing Silent Hill on the ps1, I have been enamored with the series. Each of the 3 core games in the series stay in steady rotation in my personal game collection, but there is a dark side to my love for this foggy town. The twisting and hard to grasp nature of the story line has been the source of many fan theories and alternate explanations regarding this haunting tale. So I decided to use this month of horrors to full effect by digging into the lore of this survival horror masterpiece, and try to set the record straight………………………….I’m sure this will end well……………………right?

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Silent Hill 3 review

October 21st – Silent Hill 3

For the month of October I have decided to review 31 of the best horror video games. 31 games in 31 days – all coming from the ‘horror’ genre of games that I have played in my lifetime as a gamer. This list may change over the years, but enjoy as I unravel the best of the best. If you have ideas, suggestions, or comments please feel free to leave them. Remember to rate and subscribe – trust me, it is motivation to do more projects like these. Experience the chilling world of fnaf! Play games at


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The Real Horrors of Silent Hill 3

A discussion about how Silent Hill 3 plays on a lot of my fears, both conscious and subconscious.

Spanish subtitles by Agustín Fernández

Thank you to Corrupted Save for help with the script!

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MUSIC USED (in order):
Silent Hill 2 – Promise (Reprise)
Silent Hill 3 – End of Small Sanctuary
Silent Hill 3 – Float Up From Dream
Silent Hill 3 – Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me
Silent Hill 3 – Breeze – In Monochrome Night
Silent Hill 4 – Nightmarish Waltz
Silent Hill 2 – A World of Madness
Silent Hill 2 – Null Moon
Silent Hill 2 – Alone in the Town
Silent Hill 3 – I’ve Been Losing You

Silent Hill Review – Survival Horror Classic

Let’s dig into one of the most important and influential survival horror titles, Silent Hill.

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Released in early 1999 by Team Silent under the Konami umbrella, Silent Hill was their answer to Resident Evil, but became so much more. With focus on psychological horror and atmosphere, Silent Hill stood out from the number of Resident Evil clones at the time and forged its own legacy.

As a series, Silent Hill became one of the giants of the survival horror genre, with titles to this day still getting compared to Silent Hill. Not only did it have a major impact on the survival horror genre, but the industry as a whole.

From its technical wizardry for a PS1 title, incredible atmosphere and sound design, quality exploration and puzzles, memorable characters and an ambiguous plot that leaves many things up to interpretation, the first entry of the Silent Hill series is an incredible achievement for how much they got right off their first attempt. It would only get better from here.

This Silent Hill review/analysis/critique/retrospective looks at how the game was made, what makes it work, digging into the plot, and more.

00:00 – Prelude
01:01 – Behind the Scenes
02:23 – Silent Hill Intro
03:19 – Silent Hill Presentation
04:57 – Audio of Silent Hill
06:18 – Navigation of Silent Hill
07:53 – Indoor Sections
08:52 – Puzzles of Silent Hill
09:08 – Otherworld
09:37 – Going Through Silent Hill (SPOILERS)
16:04 – The Story of Alessa
20:58 – Conclusion

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